Database Design

If you are looking for a better way of storing your company information, then look no further than a database. Sigma Internet Services specialise in providing database solutions for small to medium sized businesses.

Microsoft Access

Sigma Internet Services can provide database design services using Microsoft Access. Whether it be for your general supplier/customer information, or a database for storing your contact information we can help. Based on a PC, Microsoft Access is one of the most widely used database packages around today. It offers a wide flexibility and can be integrated with many other Microsoft packages.


In the past Sigma Internet Services has provided applications in Access that integrate spreadsheets in Microsoft Excel and documents in Microsoft Word. A current package collects data in Access and produces a very specific, highly formatted report in Word. This is then automatically put in the Outlook mailbox ready for emailing to pre-selected addresses.

Our contacts database has a "Task" option which allows the user to automatically add a task to Outlook when entering a record of a telephone call with a contact.

Individual Design

Sigma Internet Services can provide simple contacts database to a complicated database package individually designed by our experienced staff. We can discuss your requirements and look at the best way of implementing them. Our aim is to provide an application that not only achieves your objectives but is also user friendly so that people are happy to use it.

More Information

For more information on the database services we can provide, for small companies aswell as large corporations, please find our contact details on the Contact Us page.

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