Internet Research

Are you trying to find out some information for a particular project you are working on? Or just need to know where the best place to buy something is? Or maybe you would like to monitor your competitors websites for changes. Contact Sigma Internet Services and we will be able to help.

Searching The Internet

The Internet is a huge resource of information with sites ranging from very simple, but informative ones, to those which are vast and difficult to navigate. If you are looking for a particular item of information, where do you start? Sigma Internet Services has many years of experience looking around the internet searching for information about a wide variety of topics and should be able to help. Just let us know what it is you are looking for and we know where to start looking.

Competitor Analysis

If you are just looking into producing your first commercial website for your company, but would like to know what the competition sites are like and what facilities they have, then contact Sigma Internet Services. If you have a list of the sites you would like us to review for you then we can do this straight away. If not, then just let us know your particular area of interest and we will find the websites and produce a review of them for you.

Media Monitoring

If you would like to know what the media are saying about your company, we can help. We have close ties with an excellent online media monitoring company, Parallel54 (, who are one of Europe’s leading web clipping providers. Their success is based on providing the highest possible levels of service, accuracy and relevance.

Please contact Sigma Internet Services if you are interested in any of the above services.

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