Spreadsheet Design

Sigma Internet Services can provide a design service to help you set up your Microsoft Excel spreadsheet, whether it be a simple single sheet workbook for a list of contact addresses, to a more complicated application for storing accounts records.

Microsoft Excel

Microsoft Excel is the world's best know spreadsheet application and the staff at Sigma Internet Services have many years experience of developing applications using Excel. This can be a workbook to help with calculations or an application using Visual Basic for Applications - the code that means Excel can do more than be a glorified calculator.

ActiveData for Excel

ActiveData For Excel adds over 100 time savings analysis and worksheet management and manipulation features to Microsoft Excel. If you analyze or manipulate corporate, accounting or financial data with Microsoft Excel then this is the tool for you !

ActiveData For Excel works with Excel 2000 thru Excel 2007.

Find out more about ActiveData For Excel. 

Recent Project

Development of a spreadsheet for a publican which could store customers information such as name, address, mobile phone number, favourite drink, tv sports enjoyed, etc with their consent. Then if a promotion was to take place a list of people could be created by specifying filter criteria, e.g. all who like TV football and fosters lager. A text message then could be created and by the press of one button all the people on the list could be sent text messages with an invitation to this event.

This project is currently being used successfully. Also, is being redeveloped into a true MS Windows package for sale to other interested parties. If this is of any interest to yourself, please contact us on enquiries@sigma-internet.co.uk


Microsoft Excel, using it's Visual Basic for Applications programming language, can integrate very well with Microsoft Word, Access and Outlook - your email program. Thus, data entered in Excel can then be used to update your main database, or produce an excellent report in Word, which could then be emailed using Outlook.

More Information

If you would like more information about the spreadsheet services Sigma Internet Services can provide, please check the Contact Us page.

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