Link Popularity

Link Popularity - the new buzz phrase for the internet.

Most companies in the know regarding the internet have heard of the phrase "Link Popularity", but how many non-internet related companies know what it means. Basically, it is the process of building relationships between companies with related products or services who both have websites.

An Example

A caravan dealer produces a website to promote his products and services. A company providing towbars also produces his own site for his products. These two services are obviously related. It would benefit both companies to link their websites. The dealer puts a link from his website over to the website of the towbar company, who puts a reciprocal link back to the dealer's site. There is normally no exchange of monies in this arrangement, but both sides benefit in both the number of visitors and also the search engine positioning.

Search Engine Positioning

Why do companies who link to each other benefit in the search engines? With the internet these days, there is so many millions of websites, all compeiting for the top spot on the various search engines. How do these engines decide who is to be top? Firstly, it is to do with the design of the site. Some sites are designed badly and therefore, invisible to search engines. The second important factor is keyword phrases. These must be chosen with care to attract the most relevant visitors. The third aspect is how important a site is compared to others with the same keyword phrase. Search engines use link popularity to help with this calculation. In other words, how many other, related sites, are linking to your site. The more sites linking to yours, then the engines consider your site to be more important and therefore, you will achieve a higher position.

Link Popularity Service

Sigma Internet Services has experience in obtaining link relationships between companies. We can either use a list of companies provided by you, or research a list using the many resources available to our staff. We will not use spam techniques, which involve putting a link to your website on hundreds of unrelated sites. We source sites that provide a service or product which is closely related to yours, though obviously not your competitors.

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Why not contact us to find out more about this service. Even if you already have your own website, we can help to improve your link popularity, as long as we are given complete control of the development of the site. Check out the Contact Us page for more information on contacting Sigma Internet Services.


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