Bulk Filtered Email System

Sigma Internet Services are currently developing a brand new system to enable small to medium sized businesses to email their customers quickly and efficiently. The system will be known as Bulk Filtered Email System (BFE).

What is BFE (Bulk Filtered Emails)?

This system enables you to email your customers or potential customers of new and exciting events or products in your business quickly and easily at the click of a button. It is aimed at small to medium sized businesses who do not need to send thousands of emails at a time, but just a few to specific people.

What makes BFE different?

There are many broadcast email systems available on the market - enter your list of customers and press a button to send them all the same message. But all of these involve you preparing a list of email addresses each time and using this to send the emails out. This is OK for large companies who want to send 10,000 messages to their customers where all their customers will get the same email. But is not really suitable for those small to medium sized businesses who don't want to spend large amounts of money emailing only a few people.

What makes BFE different is that you maintain your own database of customers and their preferences on our system. This then provides the ability to filter your customers by their preferences and only send personalised email messages to those people who are interested in your product. You are in control of what gets sent out and to whom as you set up the categories and assign your customers to these categories. You can set up standard messages and filters to save time when sending out emails to certain groups of people.

So Why do you need it?

Many markets can use BFE as it is such a flexible system.

Publican Example

Publicans who have promotions or special events can set up their regular customers on the system and select their preferences for drink, social events etc. Then at a single press of a button everyone knows about the beer promotion next week, or the football match that is being shown on the big screen. Everyone will get a personalised message which is sent to only their email address - they don't see everyone else as you would if you use Outlook to send to a group of people. Offer promotions so whoever brings in a copy of the email will get a free 1/2 pint. Do competitions so people reply to the email and you can see who wins.

Estate Agents Example

If you are an estate agent your customers are your potential purchasers. You set up your own categories of house type (1 bed flat, 2 bed house, 4 bed house etc), price (up to £80000, 80-100000, etc), area (northampton, villages, bedford etc). You can set the values of these categories to your own requirements so if you live in Liverpool your areas could be Liverpool, Merseyside etc.

Now you have the ability to select all those people who are interested in a new house on the market by the categories you have set up and instantly email those people with a message and details of the property as an attachment. You could even send it out before the details have been printed out on paper. Follow up the email with a phone call and the purchaser already has the details in front of them.

BFE will save you time and, therefore money, emailing individual details to all your potential purchasers and enable you to get the details to them before your competitors.

What Does it Cost?

There will be no up-front costs for using BFE, just a small monthly rental to use the system and then emailing will be free.

Planned Development

BFE will be introducing the option of texting customers as well as emailing them. There will be small cost for each text sent but emails will continue to be free of charge.

Further Information

If you would like further information on this exciting new project please use our contact form.


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Bulk Filtered Emails

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